We have tested most batting gloves over the years at JBR HQ. There are many well priced and practical batting gloves for all levels of play. At the top-shelf level, there are not many differences in terms of effectiveness. In terms of preference, however, the range is wide. If we are forced to choose the best batting glove, we choose the Nike MVP Elite. We like the light feel and breathable neoprene. The durability is top notch and design options are sharp.

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Why Some Gloves Cost More than Others

As a general rule, there are two features that drive the price of batting gloves upwards. For most, the presence of the two features are preferred. First, the use of sheep’s leather, instead of another animal hide or synthetic leather, drives the price upwards. The more sheep’s leather the more the batting glove tends to be. Sheep’s leather is known for it’s durability and pliable feel.

The second price driving feature is the use of added material within weak spots of the glove. That is, parts where the gloves tend to tear (the thumb crease, the fingertips, etc), are reinforced with any number of materials. This added durability and feel are usually preferred by players. The additional time spent to add these peices, as well as the price of the material, drive prices upwards.

Aren’t Batting Glove Choices All Preference?

We often like to point out how it’s nearly impossible to wade through the numerous baseball bat market—and how that makes my head spin in trying to differentiate. The differences are often so small they are simply inconsequential to great hitting. Batting gloves are worse, no doubt. The differences in one glove to another is largely design and feel—both of which are preference.

There are, still, some differences worth noting. And, like bats, we don’t claim the best glove for most is the best glove for all. Budget, color options, and usage rates will matter to determine the best batting glove for you.

Batting Glove Sizing Sources

Not all batting glove sizes are created equal. Be ware, then, when looking at a certain size in one brand compared to another. The only real way to decide which one may fit is by visiting the sizing table of each brand you are considering. Many of those can be found by a simple google search. Below are some common ones you may be interested in referencing.

How To Choose The Right Batting Glove

In terms of practicality, two aspects surrounding batting glove purchases will affect your decision.

  • The first is the durability of the glove. Increased durability is often predicted by the price of the glove, the use of sheep’s leather and the aggregated user reviews.  If you intend to use these gloves in several hundred at-bats and numerous cage sessions, we suggest you purchase a sheep’s leather palm glove with good user reviews.  If, on the other hand, this glove is for a few dozen at-bats and not much cage work, then a synthetic leather or goat leather glove that is cheap should do the trick.
  • The second aspect is that of sizing. Not all gloves come in the size you prefer, especially in the youth market. If the glove doesn’t carry your size, then it obviously is not for you.

In terms of preference, design options play a significant part in your decision. Some batting gloves come in just a few colors, others come in several colors options. If a particular color is needed expect to have fewer options. The attraction to a certain design is clearly a preference but will help in whittling down what you like. We do suggest, however, that a certain design is the last factor in your decision once you’ve ruled out many for your practical reasons above.

Best Adult Batting Glove — Overall

Although a very competitive market, we prefer the NIKE MVP Elite batting gloves for their smooth feel, light weight and low backhand profile. The perforated neoprene back hand make a very breathable and flexible glove. Added material in the thumb crook as well as on other flexible parts make it one of the most durable gloves on the market. We do wish there were more color options. There are many very good top shelf batting gloves, but this one stood out as our favorite.

Best Adult Batting Glove — Mid Range

This jamb packed category for adults in the mid-price category is a hard one to narrow down. But we like Under Armours Clean Up batting glove for its top shelf performance but mid range price. We like the countoured wrist, wick away sweat technology and the sheep skin palm for great durability. The numerous color options are fantastic too. (Amazon Price Check)

Best Adult Value Batting Glove

The Marucci Venture batting gloves are our favorite Adult Value gloves. These run under $20 on legitimate ebay selling sites. Although not a leather palm, the synthetic leather feel and stretch mesh on the back make for some mostly durable gloves with a thousand different color options.

eBay Price Check is here.

Best Youth Batting Glove — Top Shelf

Best Batting Gloves

DeMairni’s Digi Camo Batting Glove is our favorite youth batting glove. It should not be surprising that the company which invented digi-camo by near mistake before anyone had even heard of such a thing takes the prize in this category. It may be the most popular batting glove in the world. And in the mid-twenty dollar range we have no reason to not recommend it.

Read the full review and find the best pricing here.

Best Fastpitch Softball Batting Glove

Mizuno’s Jennie Finch fastpitch batting gloves are our favorite for a couple of reasons. A few of those reasons are the price (less than $25 in most sizes), the use of leather palm and the multiple sizing and color options. Throw in the generally fantastic user reviews and it is hard to pass these up. Much better than trying to find a baseball batting glove for a softball player. Expect a slimmer finger and wrist and a very good fit for fastpitch hands at all levels of the sport.

Amazon Price Check.

Best Batting Gloves for Sting

The PalmGard STS from Markwort is the best batting glove for sting. It is dead serious about stopping sting and is a very padded glove. It works great in cold weather to reduce sting. It is no surprise that a company who started making soccer goalie gloves can make a pretty good batting glove that will take the ring out of anything.

Read the full review here and check pricing here.

Best Youth Batting Glove — Value

Boring? Agreed. Predictable? By most accounts. Inexpensive? Yep. Does it work? For sure. The Easton Typhoon III batting glove is as plane Jane a baseball batting you can find. But for those looking for a youth batting glove that isn’t much more than a youth batting glove then you may have found your match.

Check Pricing on Amazon and eBay.

Best Batting Glove For My Birthday

As a heads up, we would like the franklin custom glove for our birthday. If budget isn’t an issue then we suggest you go big or go home? If you have 4 to 6 weeks to wait for your glove to arrive then a personalized batting glove from Franklin is worth checking out. See the full review and check pricing here.

There are several gloves in the market that didn’t make the above list that probably could have. But, as we stated above, no one comes to a page like this hoping to see a thousand options. We took our experience in the market and the experience from our one million at bats this year and narrowed down the batting gloves to recommendable options.

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